This image by Propertia Bali Real Estate shows Bingin Bali waves showcasing the area's appeal for the villas and land for sale in Bingin Bali.

Bingin Villas & Land For Sale

Bingin Beach is located on the northwest coast of the southern peninsula just above Uluwatu. It’s an enchanting coastal gem with picturesque landscape, pristine sands, and crystal-clear turquoise waters.

Bingin presents a unique opportunity for real estate investment. Whether seeking a luxurious beachfront villa to call home, or a lucrative rental property, Bingin has it all. Take in breathtaking panoramic views, and enjoying easy access to some of Bali’s finest surf breaks.

Bingin Beach boasts a vibrant local community, dotted with boutique shops, eclectic cafes, and world-class restaurants. This thriving beachfront destination provides an exceptional lifestyle for residents and a lucrative investment opportunity for astute buyers for both private residence investments as well as short term daily rental income properties.

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What are the top tourist attractions near Bingin Beach?

Bingin Beach is surrounded by a plethora of captivating attractions. Just a short drive away, visitors can explore the iconic Uluwatu Temple, renowned for its breathtaking clifftop location and traditional Balinese architecture. Additionally, nearby attractions include Padang Padang Beach, Dreamland Beach, and the bustling beach clubs of Jimbaran Bay. Not to mention, some of the best surfing in the world is just minutes away!

How far is Bingin Beach from the airport?

Bingin Beach is located approximately 15 kilometers (9 miles) southwest of Ngurah Rai International Airport, Bali's main airport. The journey from the airport to Bingin Beach takes around 30-45 minutes by car, depending on traffic conditions.

Are there any nearby schools, especially international schools in Bingin Beach?

While Bingin Beach itself doesn't have any international schools, there are several renowned international schools within a reasonable distance. The nearby areas of Jimbaran and Uluwatu offer reputable international educational institutions, ensuring quality education for families residing in Bingin Beach.

Are there any nearby grocery stores and shopping centers in Bingin?

Bingin Beach is well-served in terms of grocery stores and shopping centers. There are a variety of local markets and convenience stores in the vicinity where you can find daily essentials. For a more extensive shopping experience, nearby areas such as Jimbaran and Nusa Dua offer larger supermarkets and shopping malls.

What type of crowd typically hangs out in Bingin Beach?

Bingin Beach attracts a diverse crowd of visitors, including surfers, beach lovers, and those seeking a tranquil coastal retreat. The area has a laid-back and bohemian vibe, attracting individuals who appreciate its untouched beauty and embrace a relaxed beach lifestyle.

Are there any unique features about Bingin that should be highlighted?

Bingin Beach is particularly renowned for its world-class surf breaks, making it a haven for surf enthusiasts. The stunning limestone cliffs that frame the beach offer breathtaking panoramic views, creating a mesmerizing backdrop for residents and visitors. Additionally, Bingin Beach is known for its charming beachfront accommodations, ranging from luxurious villas to cozy guesthouses, allowing individuals to experience the true essence of Balinese coastal living.

Does Bingin have a vibrant nightlife scene?

While Bingin Beach itself offers a more laid-back and relaxed atmosphere, the nearby areas of Uluwatu and Jimbaran boast a vibrant nightlife scene. From beach clubs and sunset bars to live music venues and cultural performances, there are ample options for those seeking evening entertainment.

Is there a reliable transportation system in Bingin?

Bingin is more suited for walking or renting a scooter to get around, however there are taxi services available for longer journeys. Additionally, private drivers can be hired for day trips or airport transfers, ensuring convenient transportation options for residents and visitors.

Are there any development plans or infrastructure projects underway in Bingin?

Bingin is experiencing gradual development that aims to enhance the overall infrastructure while preserving its natural charm. Several boutique resorts, restaurants, and amenities are being developed to cater to the growing demand. These initiatives seek to provide an enhanced living experience for residents and ensure the sustainability of Bingin Beach as a sought-after destination.

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